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Sheets is a Frappe App that lets you build Data Pipelines by leveraging your favourite online SpreadSheets and your Frappe & ERPNext sites.



Out of the box support for Private Worksheets. Choose whom to share your organization's data with! Sheets uses Service Accounts to make sure your data is handled securely.


Timely synchronization of data between a SpreadSheet interface & your Frappe Sites. Choose how often you want to synchronize your data. Depending on your organizational needs, your mileage may vary.


Use the unique UPSERT functionality to sync entire Worksheet state. This allows detection of updates to previously captured data. Make sure the data on your sites is always upto date!


List of supported Data Sources:

  • Google SpreadSheets
  • MS Excel Online [Coming Soon]
  • AirTable [Coming Soon]
  • Collabora/Officelibre [Coming Soon]

Frappe & ERPNext Versions:

  • Version 15

Note: Feature & Support Requests are welcome ^_^


Currently available on the Frappe Cloud Marketplace. Reach out to us for self hosted and custom requirements.